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Ordinal Day Next Month Calculator

Next month Ordinal Calculator

Select Ordinal position of next or previous

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Next month first sunday

Previous month first sunday

Current month first sunday

Next month first monday

Previous month first monday

Current month first monday

Next month first tuesday

Previous month first tuesday

Current month first tuesday

Next month first wednesday

Previous month first wednesday

Current month first wednesday

Next month first thursday

Previous month first thursday

Current month first thursday

Next month first friday

Previous month first friday

Current month first friday

Next month first saturday

Previous month first saturday

Current month first saturday

Next month second sunday

Previous month second sunday

Current month second sunday

Next month second monday

Previous month second monday

Current month second monday

Next month second tuesday

Previous month second tuesday

Current month second tuesday

Next month second wednesday

Previous month second wednesday

Current month second wednesday

Next month second thursday

Previous month second thursday

Current month second thursday

Next month second friday

Previous month second friday

Current month second friday

Next month second saturday

Previous month second saturday

Current month second saturday

Next month third sunday

Previous month third sunday

Current month third sunday

Next month third monday

Previous month third monday

Current month third monday

Next month third tuesday

Previous month third tuesday

Current month third tuesday

Next month third wednesday

Previous month third wednesday

Current month third wednesday

Next month third thursday

Previous month third thursday

Current month third thursday

Next month third friday

Previous month third friday

Current month third friday

Next month third saturday

Previous month third saturday

Current month third saturday

Next month fourth sunday

Previous month fourth sunday

Current month fourth sunday

Next month fourth monday

Previous month fourth monday

Current month fourth monday

Next month fourth tuesday

Previous month fourth tuesday

Current month fourth tuesday

Next month fourth wednesday

Previous month fourth wednesday

Current month fourth wednesday

Next month fourth thursday

Previous month fourth thursday

Current month fourth thursday

Next month fourth friday

Previous month fourth friday

Current month fourth friday

Next month fourth saturday

Previous month fourth saturday

Current month fourth saturday

Next month fifth sunday

Previous month fifth sunday

Current month fifth sunday

Next month fifth monday

Previous month fifth monday

Current month fifth monday

Next month fifth tuesday

Previous month fifth tuesday

Current month fifth tuesday

Next month fifth wednesday

Previous month fifth wednesday

Current month fifth wednesday

Next month fifth thursday

Previous month fifth thursday

Current month fifth thursday

Next month fifth friday

Previous month fifth friday

Current month fifth friday

Next month fifth saturday

Previous month fifth saturday

Current month fifth saturday

Next month last sunday

Previous month last sunday

Current month last sunday

Next month last monday

Previous month last monday

Current month last monday

Next month last tuesday

Previous month last tuesday

Current month last tuesday

Next month last wednesday

Previous month last wednesday

Current month last wednesday

Next month last thursday

Previous month last thursday

Current month last thursday

Next month last friday

Previous month last friday

Current month last friday

Next month last saturday

Previous month last saturday

Current month last saturday

Find the next month ordinal day i.e; first,second, third, fourth by weekdays based on your selection to identify the date fall on that next month position.

Date Calculator

Calculate the days and day falling on date number and year and month